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Non-Stick Pet Hair Apron

Non-Stick Pet Hair Apron

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Does your cat demand all your attention while you are trying to work from home?

Are your coworkers tired of seeing your cat walk across your screen?  (personally I wouldn't have a problem with it, lol)  

Use this pet apron to protect your clothes while you work and free up your hands!  Need to keep your clothes pet hair free?  This plush apron keep your cat comforted while you keep CLEAN. 

Product information:

Material: Arctic velvet
Product category: Bomao clothing
Applicable gender: general
Color: grey
Style: Bomao apron
Suitable weight for pets: 1-7kg


@mzztips Got a needy pet that won't let you work? Free up your hands and keep your pet calm #petlover #catcarriers #workfromhome #handsfree #pethair #cat ♬ original sound - MzTips
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