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Led Light Message Board

Led Light Message Board

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Are you tired of notebooks, crossing off words or tearing off papers? 

The LED Note Board is the perfect solution. It is super convenient as it helps you plan out your day with a little more fun. This frameless LED note board radiates relaxed and dreamy vibes. It can be used for grocery list, shopping list, daily planner, to-do list, message for your loved ones, scheduler.... you name it!
It is multifunctional and resistant to scratches, stain and dents. This frameless transparent note board has sophisticatedly been designed to make your daily go-to list and calls out to you to smash your goals. Its writing effect is so relaxing and easily erasable. It is thus satisfying and pleasing to the eye.
Instead of buying whiteboards, markers or notebooks which can cost more in the long run, we're offering our LED Note Board at an affordable price and get a LED pen for FREE. The cherry on top is that it is high quality, low power consumption, saves energy and long-lasting. 

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Environment protection

High quality light material

Low power consumption

Energy- efficient

USB cable that can be connected to a computer or a domestic adapter

Material: Acrylic + ABS

Product voltage: 5V
Product power: 4W
Power supply type: USB
Base size: 95*40MM
Luminous flux: 100LM
Light color: warm

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