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FUKUMARU Tofu Cat Litter

FUKUMARU Tofu Cat Litter

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Color: Cat Litter 2 packs


  • Easy to Store and Use - The lightweight design of two separate packs tofu cat litter makes it easier to use and carry. No need to worry about moisture caused by long-term exposure after unpacking, easy to store. Suitable for most kinds of pets and cats litter boxes
  • Natural Ingredients Cat Litter - 80% cat tofu litter and 20% natural deodorized apple wood, unscented cat litter without pigments or fragrances which is made with plant-based ingredients to eliminate the odors creates a safe cat litter. A better choice for cats with a tendency to ingest the litter
  • 24/7 Odor Control - We add apple wood pellet which is the natural cat litter deodorizer, eco friendly to cats and people. Mixed 80% soy cat litter and deodorant particles, which made tofu cat litter absorbs the urine quickly and reduce unpleasant smell.Keep your home smelling fresh
  • Fast Clumping & Flushed Easy - 2 seconds absorption & 3 seconds cat litter clumping. It's easy forms tight, strong clumps, anti-stick for easy scooping clean, and the clumping helps to reduce odors. and the kitty litter is biodegradable. The cat tofu litter can be flushed away in the toilet
  • Dust-Free & Low Tracking - FUKUMARU cat litter is ideal for cats and owners who suffer from allergies with a 99.9% dust-free. Effectively avoids cats respiratory and liver problems, being safe for your kitties. Also 2mm diameter litter anti entrainment helps paws & floors stay clean

model number: CL01

Part Number: CL01

EAN: 6973006310678

Package Dimensions: 11.9 x 8.9 x 6.0 inches

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