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Rain Cloud Humidifier (2022 Version)

Rain Cloud Humidifier (2022 Version)

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RainCloud Humidifier Overview

  1. It last above 48 hours add water once you diffuse the essential oil with the flowing water.

  2. Adding ambiance to your living room, office, bedroom, or anywhere you need to add a soothing touch. the flowing water can add some negative ions and energy to the environment.

  3. changing colors light the night light creates a relaxing & comfortable atmosphere that is good for sleep.

  4. It can work separately without connecting to the power.

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Product information:
Function: humidifying built-in lighting fragrance
Color classification: white
Efficacy: Relieve spirit
Water tank capacity: 400ml

@mzztips Rain cloud humidifier and oil diffuser #zen #calming #fyp #giftsforher #diffuser #rain #anxietyrelief ♬ original sound - MzTips
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