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LED Circle Grow Light

LED Circle Grow Light

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LED light source
Well selecting quality LED light chip, high efficiency, and high brightness, providing sufficient light.
Plant growth-promoting
The grow light can provide full spectrum light for the growth of the plants, even without sunshine, they can conduct photosynthesis. It can also prevent vain growth make the plants become greener.
This product can promote growth, brighten color, prevent excessive growth, and prolong flowering.
Wide applications
It is widely applicable for a greenhouse, or indoor environment, perfect for accelerating the growth of plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Item Type: LED plant light
Material: PC+aluminum
Color: transparent
Light Source: LED
Light Color: yellow
Light Quantity: 10
Luminous Flux: 108.54lm
Light Effect: 53.55lm/W
Power: 2W
Voltage: 5V
Acrylic Stick: 25cm/9.83inch
Light Inner Diameter: 6cm/2.36inch
Outer Diameter: 8cm/3.14inch
Weight: 110g/3.88oz

Style A: The single-head overseas version has a switch pink and white,
Style B: Single head overseas version with switch sunshine yellow,
Style C: Double-headed pink and white,
Style D: Double-headed sunshine yellow,
Style E: Three heads are pink and white,
Style F: Three-headed sunshine yellow,
Style G: Time switch single head overseas version pink and white,
Style H: Time switch single head overseas version sunshine yellow,
Style I: Timer switch double-ended pink and white,
Style J: Time switch double head sunshine yellow,
Style K: Time switch three heads pink and white,
Style L:Time switch three-head sunshine yellow,
Style M: The four heads of the timer switch are pink and white,
Style N: Time switch four-head sunshine yellow

Package Content
1*LED plant light
1*acrylic stick
1*package box

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