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Ice Block Mold

Ice Block Mold

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[ One press second ice release ] Easy and convenient demolding. With a gentle press, the ice blocks will not splash or get dirty or icy when demolding in one second

[Preferred silicone material ] High and low-temperature resistance, moderate softness and hardness, not easy to deform

[ High strength and toughness ] Twisted without fracture, with full elasticity, and can be restored to its original state without fracture even when using force to remove ice

[ Detachable cleaning ] Each component can be individually disassembled for cleaning and hygiene

[ Easy and Decompressed Demolding ] Press and de-mold, the ice falls off in the inner cavity, making it easy and decompress

Product Information:

Material: Silicone
Capacity: 55 pieces of ice
Color: Gray, yellow, light blue
Style: Modern and simple
Function: Frozen, easy to demoulding

Ice size :1.5*2cm

Product specifications: High 10.5* diameter 11cm

Packing List: 

1 * Ice Block Mold

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