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Galaxy Lite Sky Projector

Galaxy Lite Sky Projector

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Introducing the Galaxy Lite Sky Projector, the perfect addition to any room in your home. This innovative device projects a stunning display of stars and galaxies onto your ceiling, creating a relaxing and immersive atmosphere in any space.




The Galaxy Lite Sky Projector features a rotating star pattern that slowly shifts and moves, creating the illusion of a real night sky. With multiple color options, you can choose between a soothing blue or a vibrant rainbow of colors to match your mood.

Easy to use and operate, the Galaxy Lite Sky Projector can be controlled via the included remote or through the touch-sensitive buttons on the device. It also includes a built-in speaker, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music or audio book while you relax under the stars.

Perfect for children's bedrooms, adult relaxation, or as a romantic setting for a date night, the Galaxy Lite Sky Projector is sure to become a staple in your home. Get yours today and bring the magic of the night sky into any room.

Comes with 4 different high precision slides: Milky Way, Moon, Earth and moon,Pillar of creation


  • SLEEP AID PROJECTOR : Silent wave motor and rotating sky will let you fall asleep faster than usual.  Got little ones?  Putting them to sleep just get easier, it's a great investment for Mom :)

  • MULTI-FUNCTION DESIGN: Orzorz projector can be projected at a 180 degree angle. It can be projected not only to the ceiling, but also to the wall. Rotating function and 3 mode timer.

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