Transform visions into actuality with AI-driven image creation Magic Media in Canva

Halloween Image created with Stable Diffusion
Imaginations can now be brought to life in a multitude of ways. Canva's Magic Media, Google Cloud's Imagen, and OpenAI's DALL*E are some of the image generation applications that can be used to generate unique pictures and artwork just by providing a brief description. These can be done almost instantaneously.

Designing used to be a challenging process, however, now over 135 million users rely on Canva every month to unleash their creativity and reach their objectives. Our purpose has always been to make difficult tasks more straightforward, and finding new methods to enable our community to implement their concepts and visions is a vital part of that.

In 2022, Canva introduced an AI-powered image-generating app Canva Magic Media, which provides users with the perfect image at their fingertips even if it does not already exist. This feature is magical in that it allows users to turn their ideas into reality as their text is transformed into beautiful, exclusive pictures.

Canva is revolutionizing the way our community creates visual content with the introduction of Magic Media. It is the end of the creative block and with three image-generating apps available - Magic Media, DALL*E by OpenAI, and Imagen by Google Cloud - your imagination can come to life.

Get 750+ Prompts to Use with Canva's Magic Media App 

Since the launch of Magic Media, the response from our community has been nothing short of remarkable, with almost 290 million images being produced for a variety of purposes, from social media posts to presentations, business flyers, and even logos. If you can't find the right image, Canva has the best AI image generation apps to help bring your ideas to life.

Transform your ideas into stunning visuals

In situations where the perfect image isn't available, all you have to do is use the right words. Our AI applications, such as Canva's Magic Media, DALL*E and Imagen by Google Cloud, will generate brand-new images based on whatever text you input. Whether you're looking for something practical or imaginative, all it takes is a single click to get a unique image.

No longer do we need to spend hours scouring stock images for something unique or specific when our Artificial Intelligence image generators can bring any dream to life for any design purpose, from web design to presentations or even social media posts. Whether you're in need of a black-and-white illustration of someone baking cake or a firefox in the forest, these apps open the door for creativity and give everyone, from content creators to marketers, professional designers, and social media managers the ability to quickly produce original content to help them stand out.

Small business owners, who are usually responsible for multiple tasks, including marketing, will benefit from AI image generation as a way to save time and get results that are visually appealing. Furthermore, artists, designers, and art students can use this application to experiment with different ideas in a fast and cost-effective way.

Interconnected and effortless

Canva offers a comprehensive image generation application that is linked throughout the Canva platform. With Text to Image, users have the capability to design and modify an image without the need for any outside subscriptions or applications. It is possible to take a concept from the initial idea and bring it to fruition within Canva, adjusting it to one's own liking and then sharing it globally. This function can be utilized throughout the entire design process with Text to Image.

You can take your new photos to the next level using Text to Image's in-built photo editor to adjust brightness, contrast, and filters. Combine text with eye-catching font combinations to make your pictures stand out even more. You can crop, resize, or flip your images, and add frames, stickers, vectors, icons, and illustrations to really make the design pop. Plus, you can animate your design and share it with the world.

Our dedication to the advancement of our Text to Image app has led us to make improvements to the accuracy and quality of images, giving your designs a more visually appealing look. Additionally, we've recently added the image variation feature, which creates a picture that is similar in look and composition to the one produced by Text to Image.

Your photos are distinct and special just like you

Text to Image can now produce artwork in a larger array of styles, from photographs to sketches, paintings, 3D, patterns, neon, and conceptual art. Make a realistic depiction with the 3D style for your forward-thinking celebration invite, or pick the painting style to reproduce textured brushstrokes. If you are unable to decide which style to choose, try 'Surprise Me' to get your creative juices flowing.  OR you can get Get 750+ Prompts to Use with Canva's Magic Media App.  These are pre-made prompts that will jump start the creative process.

Technology that is secure, accountable, and adheres to ethical standards

Innovation has and continues to be a major factor in the world we live in, changing industries and creating new possibilities. Along with those opportunities comes the challenge to develop our technology, so it serves our community in the most effective manner. We are dedicated to acquiring knowledge and utilizing our magic tools and features for the benefit of everyone.

We take great pride in upholding moral standards, which is evident in the way we construct our products, operate our business and collaborate with our community. As one of our fundamental principles, we consider being a positive force to be of utmost importance. This is why our Trust and Safety team is devoted to making sure everyone feels secure while creating and interacting with content on our platform.

We have devoted considerable resources to safety measures that aid the millions of people using our platform in being 'good humans' and limiting the chances of our platform producing inappropriate content. For example, Magic Media has automated reviews of input prompts to check for words that could generate dangerous imagery, as well as evaluations of output images for categories such as adult content, hate, and abuse. Furthermore, we've created a feedback loop to give our community the ability to report any problems with the generated images, including if they think they are reinforcing biases or stereotypes.

We have partnered with renowned companies such as Google Cloud and OpenAI, to bring their highly-rated third-party applications into Canva, making AI technology accessible to all. These apps have put in protective measures to guarantee the accuracy of their image-creation results and to make sure that their AI models adhere to fairness and ethical standards.

We have collated this resource to respond to conversations about generated images and copyright. We understand that our exploration in this area will never be finished, but we aim to share our discoveries and knowledge to enable secure, just, and responsible technology.

We are dedicated to providing empowering design solutions to the world and understand the significance of developing responsibly. We are excited to share our progress in bringing even more magic to our global community.

Transform text into images using Canva's Magic Media App or discover Imagen and DALL*E in our app store. Visit Canva Apps or open a design layout on the desktop, iOS, or Android app and begin crafting your design right away!

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Get 750+ Prompts to Use with Canva's Magic Media App 

Rather than using the same words, one can eliminate plagiarism by reconfiguring the text without altering the meaning. This can be accomplished by preserving the same context and semantics while modifying the structure.


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