Spicing Up Your LinkedIn Profile with Canva's Magic Edit Tool

LinkedIn, the professional social networking platform, has become a vital tool for anyone seeking to expand their professional network, find a job, or simply establish their online professional persona. A key element of any LinkedIn profile is the profile picture, which is often the first impression people have of you. However, not everyone has a professional headshot ready to use. That's where Canva's Magic Edit tool comes in handy.

What is Canva's Magic Edit Tool?

The Magic Edit tool is a feature of Canva, a popular graphic design platform. Its primary function is to enable users to modify specific parts of a photo by simply brushing over the area and describing what they desire the area to transform into. The Magic Edit tool, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), does the rest of the work.

Why Use Canva's Magic Edit Tool for LinkedIn Headshots?

In the world of TikTok, several users have discovered that they can use Canva's Magic Edit tool to create professional-looking LinkedIn headshots. For instance, TikTok user @amy_king_v shared a video where she transformed her casual shirt into a chic, white blouse using the Magic Edit tool. The video has since garnered over a million views, proving that this technique is both popular and effective.

How to Use Canva's Magic Edit Tool

If you're interested in using Canva's Magic Edit tool for your LinkedIn headshot, here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Open Canva
  2. Click on "Create Design"
  3. Choose the type of design you want (I recommend "Instagram post")
  4. Upload your photo
  5. Click on "Edit photo"
  6. Select "Magic Edit"
  7. Click on "Try it out"
  8. Brush over the area you want to change (in this case, your shirt)
  9. Click "Continue"
  10. Describe the professional top you want (e.g., "professional white blouse")
  11. Choose the option you like best
  12. Click "File"
  13. Click "Download"

Voila! You now have a professional LinkedIn headshot, thanks to Canva's Magic Edit tool.

Other Uses of Canva's Magic Edit Tool

The Magic Edit tool isn't limited to changing your shirt for a LinkedIn headshot. You can use it to transform any part of your photo. It's a great tool for people who want to experiment with their photos and let their creativity run wild.


Canva's Magic Edit tool is a game-changer for creating professional-looking LinkedIn headshots. It's simple to use, and the results are impressive. So, next time you're updating your LinkedIn profile, consider giving it a try. Remember, a good profile picture can make all the difference in making a positive first impression.

Note: The Magic Edit tool is still in beta. This means that the results may not always be perfect, and you might have to describe the shirt several times to get a result that you're happy with. But with patience and a little bit of creativity, you can create a professional headshot that's perfect for LinkedIn.

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